About Arthur Schiel

May 26, 2011

Avalon Financial Management was established by Arthur Schiel, based on the idea that individuals need objective and independent management of their investments. Since the company first opened its doors in March 1992, Arthur Schiel has served numerous clients in Pennsylvania and other states across the country.

Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Avalon Financial Management started as a de novo company. With Arthur Schiel’s oversight, the firm has grown, currently regulating more $50 million in assets. In addition to looking after his clients’ investment portfolios, Arthur Schiel holds responsibility for leading all operations of the firm.

Prior to founding Avalon Financial Management, Arthur Schiel worked for many financial institutions in various positions, with the highest being Chief Financial/Investment Officer. He received training at Bridgeport Federal Savings Bank in 1978.

In addition to operating his business, Arthur Schiel dedicates his time to charitable causes, contributing to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Home of the Sparrow. He has also co-founded The Schiel Family Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting kids in the greater Philadelphia area. At present, the foundation carries out its mission through 15 different charities.

Following his graduation from Cheltenham High School in 1966, Arthur Schiel entered Lehigh University to study history, business, and economics. He attained his Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science with honors. Subsequently, he earned two more degrees, a Master of Arts in Economic History from Temple University and a Master of Business Administration from Lehigh University.


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