About the Applebrook Golf Club

September 14, 2011

As a member of the Applebrook Golf Club, Arthur Schiel enjoys a number of benefits. Mr. Schiel, who works as the owner and sole proprietor of the Avalon Financial Management company, resides in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Arthur Schiel regularly travels to Malvern to play golf at the Applebrook Golf Club, which is currently celebrating 10 years of business.

While the club limits its membership, guests are also invited to visit and play. While visiting the Applebrook Golf Club, individuals can stay on the premises so that they are closer to the action. The club offers 10 guest rooms and 1 suite for the comfort of its members and guests. These rooms, which all feature private bathrooms and beds, can be used for personal and business purposes.

The golf course, which was designed by Gil Hanse, features a wide variety of terrain and provides a balance between beginning, intermediate, and advanced level features. Each element of its design meets a specific purpose to enhance the golfers’ experience at Applebrook Golf Club. Those who choose to play a game at this course benefit from the organization’s Caddie Program, which allows individuals to walk the course without the worry of carrying their own golf bags.

Additionally, the Applebrook Golf Club offers a practice facility that is unmatched in the region. This premiere golf course offers an 8 acre practice range, that includes 4 target greens that are spaced 50 feet apart from each other and features a short game area for those who want to practice chipping from bunkers and putting on a green. The many member- and guest-oriented characteristics of Applebrook Golf Club ensure that each individual who visits the club leaves satisfied. For more information about this organization, or to obtain directions about how to apply for membership, visit the Applebrook Golf Club official website at http://www.applebrookgolfclub.com.


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